Next time you have a negative thought, look at it objectively. Say to yourself, "i know i'm better than that, this thought is not my true voice." If you can't right off the bat, that's okay. Keep trying. It will feel corny at first, but you have to baby yourself, learn to love yourself. Don't feed the monster. In the end you can choose to try, or choose to wallow. It's ultimately your life. I'm just trying to help because I've been there."Buck up" was what my parents said to me.
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yeah ok but i am trying, i’m trying really hard actually

You are not your thoughts. You can't control them, but you can choose to not listen to them.
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that’s true, but if i was capable of ignoring them all the time i probably wouldn’t be having this many problems

i love how sometimes when you make a post on tumblr mobile it just doesn’t post, great design feature

yeah idk i’m confused

yeah idk i’m confused

By indulging yourself in self depreciating behavior, you're basically reinforcing the belief that you're "useless" by repeating it to yourself and to the public. You're cycling negative thoughts constantly, whichs exacerbates the issue. You are not your thoughts. You don't have to believe them. You're not useless.
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i have negative thoughts constantly regardless of whether i post about them though

No. I'd rather you get professional help for an anxiety disorder. I have GAD, depression and panic disorder. It sucks. But it can be dealt with. Talk to someone. Show some desire to improve. And stop crying, I'm trying to help you. You're young. You have time. You'll be fine. But whining is counterproductive. You're rewarding yourself for having low self esteem.
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i’m getting fucking professional help already, and how the hell am i rewarding myself for having low self esteem, that doesn’t make sense

Buck up a bit. Life isn't gonna hand you lemons because you whine on a website all day. Get help. Improve yourself. Either get this tough love online or get it when you're an adult and even more miserable. Don't expect happiness to knock on your door, you have to create it. Meanwhile, stop saying "I can't."
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if your goal was to make me cry then you succeeded. i’m trying ok i’m really really fucking trying, and i know i’m whiny but would you rather i bottle all this up and suffer more as a result???

i love being useless and terrified

i can’t live like this for 3 more weeks, what the hell do i do

please not againn„„,

i’m gonna panic again fufcfuckfuckfickfgf

school’s not for like 3 weeks but i’m Constantly worrying about it, help



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you can tho!!! i absolutely know u can. its normal to be scared but u can still do it. a trick i used to do before the first day of school is when i packed my backpack the night before i would envision myself as something really small i put in there like idk a pen or eraser or pack of tissues and i would think of myself as small and safe for the whole day, like nothing could hurt me. or think of an object you left at home, and if things get bad you can picture yourself there for a bit
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i can’t though it’s been 3 years and i’m terrified and socially anxious

i really honestly do not think i’m going to be able to do this